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We Care Support - Winter 2018 Seminars for Senior Managers

@EASE Senior Management Seminars - Winter 2018

Understanding how @EASE works will help a charity and its development staff use the program productively.

Principles which make @EASE the best possible fund development solution available.

  • Batsch Group offers a wealth of knowledge, information and know-how.
    • Clients benefit through extensive tutorials, webinars, courses and consultations.
  • A cluttered window creates stress and distractions.
    • The @EASE interface is clean, clear and easy to understand.
  • Queries are for technical people and not fundraisers.
    • Our tech experts create accurate record selections and reports for our clients.
  • Optimum Service is our forte!

 Winter 2018 Seminar Series

The series is offered on February 9, 16, 23 and March 2.

11 AM MST for 60 - 90 minutes depending on the topic. 

February 9, 2018  Create Consistency to Benefits Fund Development

This session guides decision making. @EASE campaigns offer a level of consistency not found in other systems. Utilizing recommended standards, comparative analytics can be used to determine the success of certain appeals. We will look at why certain standards have been implemented and how those standards assist development staff in analysing effectiveness and developing future strategies.

February 16, 2018  How @EASE Manages Your Donor Data

The second session will look at how data is housed in @EASE. In particular, donor data will be reviewed and how it accumulates by fiscal year. This provides some exceptional opportunities for @EASE clients ... donor recognition, valued donor since (year), committed donors, planned gift potential and more.  The first and last year donated values will be discussed. You can locate donors who have dropped off to begin a re-activation process.

February 23, 2018  Manipulating Your Data

Segmenting donors by different data groups as many advantages. It is used for reporting purposes or to simply examine groups to better understand their giving patterns or purpos. Knowing how to identify groups and utilitize the reporting functions in @EASE provides development staff with accurate information and a foundation for decision making.

We will invite Matthew Dubins to join in this discussion. Matthew and his company Donor Science specialize in data analytics.

March 2, 2018 Managing Interactions and Content

Content supports relationship building. Where there is little content development staff and senior managers work at a disadvantage. We will examine how content can be managed and how documents, websites, social media sites and more can be linked through @EASE to offer one consistent location to assemble valuable donor data. Dickens, the @EASE CRM tool gives comprehensive background of past, present and future interactions. 



Registration is for all four sessions. We look forward to helping you enhance your knowledge of @EASE.

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